Who are CFFG members?

We draw on a wide range of skills and backgrounds: farmers, food producers, housewives and teachers, those who work in the NHS, tourism, veterinary services, or training and recruitment to name just a fraction of the variety in our make-up.They share an enthusiasm for local food and an interest in how our food is produced, along with a concern to see that children grow up with knowledge of farming, the countryside and the importance to their health of quality food.


How much would I have to get involved?

We all lead busy lives these days and CFFG is quick to recognise this.  You will find a friendly welcome at meetings which may be informative talks or visits to food producers.  Your involvement in the Group’s activities and whatever support you are able to give will be appreciated.

What does CFFG do?

We think helping children to understand farming, the countryside and how our food is produced is important, and getting involved in various ways is rewarding and fun.  We have built a website as an information resource for children about farming and food production in Cornwall.For several years we have hosted the children’s section of the Cornwall Food and Drink Festival, with hands-on activities, fun and games to stimulate their interest in food and where it comes from. More recently we been working with the Royal Cornwall Agricultural Association to put on a discovery day for primary schools at the showground, an opportunity to give a large number of children a close-up look at farming and food production. Promoting local food is a passion and members organise the Cornwall Food and Farming Pavilion at the Royal Cornwall, one of the biggest and most popular exhibits on the showground.  Each year it gives about 60 Cornish food and drink businesses a unique shop window.

What else?

Social gatherings – maybe for dinner, a relaxing evening in the pub or a beach barbecue - to build on friendships. We have started an informal walking club for some not-too-strenuous exploration of unfamiliar parts of the county in the spring and autumn. The local knowledge of members who live or farm in the vicinity is invaluable in finding interesting walks, and appropriately sited pubs to round off the day.

How much does it cost?

The annual subscription is £20.  

What do I get?

E-updates on branch activities and issues of interest are circulated to members regularly and, through CFFG, members have access to weekly national e-updates and debates on issues concerning food, farming and the countryside.

We use email to keep in touch with members and to give you the heads-up on forthcoming meetings or items of interest, and there is an end of year report to fill you in with what you might have missed!


CFFG wants to see a thriving Cornish agricultural industry which produces quality food and is responsive to the requirements of the consumer, and a healthy population who understand and value where their food comes from and how it is produced.